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Womens Day Ecard

Women’s Day occasions are held worldwide on March 8. Different ladies, including political, group, and business pioneers, and driving instructors, innovators, business visionaries, and TV characters, are normally welcomed to talk at different occasions on the day. Such occasions may incorporate classes, gatherings, lunch get-togethers, suppers or breakfasts. The messages given at these occasions regularly center around different subjects, for example, development, the depiction of ladies in the media, or the significance of instruction and vocation openings

Now, here we present you the International Women’s Day Wallpapers, Images, Quotes, Sayings, Sms, Messages, Poems and Poetries, Wishes and Greetings for your friends and family.

Womens Day Card 8th March

International Women’s Day SMS and Messages in English

Without you the world is incomplete,
Without you the heart feels empty,
Let the world blossom with your smile
The way you have always done!
Happy women’s Day”

“The flame your love can only light up my heart!
I can shine only with the warmth of your smile,
I make a promise to you,
As long as I will live, I will not leave!”

“Being with you makes me feel like a wonderful dream,
The warmth of your eyes,
The way you shy, makes my world alive
I promise you will be my life for whole of my life!
Happy woman’s Day”

Womens Day 2018 Wishes for Mother Wife

“No one has the power to make you feel inferior,
I feel you are the most superior,
The world does not even know the power you possess,
The distance you have traveled,
You are the one, who has made the world so beautiful,
The world wants to celebrate your wonderful presence on this earth,
Enjoy your day specifically built to bring in light your hard-hitting struggle,
Cheers to the whole female fraternity!!”

“I want to sing a song today; I want to ring the bell today,
I want to dedicate it all to your today,
The entire warm light of the sun is yours today,
Happy woman’s day”

“She is wind, she is water. She is snow, she is fire. She is vibrant, she is ambitious. She is one of a kind. Happy Women’s Day!”

International Women’s Day SMS and Messages In Hindi

“नारी तुम प्रेम हो, आस्था हो, विश्वास हो,
टूटी हुई उम्मीदों की एकमात्र आस हो,
हर जन का तुम्हीं तो आधार हो,
नफ़रत की दुनिया में मात्र तुम्हीं प्यार हो,
उठो अपने अस्तित्त्व को संभालो,
केवल एक दिन ही नहीं,
हर दिन नारी दिवस बना लो…
नारी दिवस की हार्दिक बधाई !”

“अर्ध सत्य तुम, अर्ध स्वप्न तुम, अर्ध निराशा आशा,
अर्ध अजित जित, अर्ध तृप्ति तुम, अर्ध अतृप्ति पिपासा,
आधी काया आग तुम्हारी, आधी काया पानी,
अर्धांगिनी नारी ! तुम जीवन की आधी परिभाषा !
आज अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस की शुभकामनाएं।”

Womens Day 2018 SMS

“मन में ममता और करुणा का भाव लिए,
बड़े ही खूबसूरती के साथ अपनी सभी,
जिम्मेदारियां निभाती है परिवार की धुरी महिला,
चेहरे की रौनक सूरज सी बढ़ती जाए,
भीतर की ऊर्जा सदा दमकती जाए,
महिला दिवस की ढ़ेरो शुभकामनाएं.”

“पापा की वो लाड़ली, माँ की वो जान,
दिल नादान, पर करती है,
सबके लिए अपनी जान कुर्बान,
है भाइयों की मुस्कान, परिवार की शान,
ये है एक लड़की की पहचान..
Happy Women’s Day !”

International Women’s Day Quotes and sayings in English

“God cannot be everywhere so he left his angels to care, nurture and embrace. Love you. Happy Women’s day!”

“Let’s take time to appreciate the driving forces of the world, without them our existence is impossible. Happy Women’s Day ladies”

“Thanks for being compassionate, compromising, loving, caring, motivating, and inspiring. Thanks for taking care of my family while managing your job. Happy Women’s Day Wife.”


Womens Day 2018 Greetings

“Dear mother, you are my source of inspiration. You motivate me to do my best. Thanks for being my strongest support. Happy Women’s Day!”

“Dear Mom, you have always been there, whenever I needed you the most. You have always guided me and shown me the right path. Happy Women’s Day dear mother.”

“Today is your day. So, be happy and enjoy the day to the fullest. Happy Women’s day.”

Womens Day 2018 Greeting Card

International Women’s Day Wishes and greetings In English

“This day is just to celebrate your existence! I wish you blossom like a beautiful rose whose charm never goes!! May you stand like a stone, firm enough, not to get hit by any adversity!
Happy woman’s day!”

“To me, a woman is symptomatic of a number of feelings, listening with patient, looking with love, swallowing the pain quietly, taking care of my dreams even when I am in sleep! Never lose the charm, keep it warm!!
Happy woman’s day!”

“When I was a child, I needed my mother,
When I grew up, I needed my sister,
When I understood the world, I needed a partner,
When I grew old, I needed her to be my side,
IT makes me feel, Life would have been nil,
Had God not created this beautiful creature called “woman”!!
Happy woman’s day!”

womens day 2018

“I hope that the sun shines in your world forever,
May you keep on blossoming like a flower!
May the soothing rain drops incessantly shower!
I wish you very best and a successful life on this very special day of yours,
Happy women’s day!”

“A plant grows only when it is watered regularly with love,
Similarly, a life becomes a life only when there is happiness,
A woman is the water that makes our life blossom like a flower,
Woman! Keep watering this plant of life!
Happy women’s Day”

“Not only she can nurture a home,
She challenge everything and anything that comes in her way,
To make her realize her inner strength,
I want to bow down my heads in front of the whole woman fraternity,
Happy woman’s day!”

womens day

International Women’s Day Wishes  and greetings in Hindi

“औरत प्यार-मोहब्बत करने वाले को शायद भूल जाए,
पर इज्ज़त करने वालों को कभी नहीं भूलती!
नारी का सम्मान सबका परम कर्तव्य है!
8 मार्च अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस
की आपको हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!”

“औरत का इस दुनिया में मान है
औरत एक बहन है
एक बेटी है, एक पत्नी है
औरत के बिना यह जहांन कुछ भी नहीं है
हैप्पी वुमेन्स डे।”

“हज़ारो फूल चाहिए एक माला
बनाने के लिए,
हज़ारो दीपक चाहिए एक आरती
सजाने के लिए,
हज़ारो बून्द चाहिए समुद्र
बनाने के लिए,
पर एक “स्त्री” अकेली ही काफी है..
घर को स्वर्ग बनाने के लिए…
महिला दिवस की हार्दिक बधाई”

international womens day wallpaper

“औरत से है यह दुनिया सारी
फिर भी यह ग़ुलामी सहती है,
औरत के लिए है जीना सजा
फिर भी वह जीए जा रही है,
औरत संसार की किस्मत है
फिर भी किस्मत की मारी है,
औरत आज भी ज़िंदा जलती है,
फिर भी कहलाती वह क़ुरबानी है,
औरत के लिए रोना खता है
फिर भी वह हर ज़ुल्म सहती है,
औरत ने जनम दिया मर्दों को
फिर भी वह कहलाती पैरों की जूती है!”


International Women’s Day poems and poetries in English

“It’s the day to celebrate
It’s the day to think
For all that the world have done
To the charming colour pink
They blocked off her way
They chased her that day
They stormed all her life
Her blurred eyes did say
An unarmed woman
With self arrested courage
They pulled down her confidence
With their harsh and sharp image
They found her so helpless
They made her to cry
They turned her life to hell
And forced her to die
But let me say a word
A word full of hope
She made her way out
And learned how to cope
A woman, a mother, a wife
With patience she strives
Caring, bearing and working
Still struggling with life…”

International Womens Day greetings

“Today is a celebration for women all around the world,
Ladies who’ve dared to dream big, ever since they were little girls.
For the diversity and talent that lie within a feminine heart,
For the courage and determination that prevents us falling apart.
We can raise families and build businesses and be proud of all we’ve achieved
Where once over, visions of that scale, could never have been believed.
Ladies, stand up and be counted, smile at how far we have come
And Cherish every single day, as daughter, wife, companions or mum.
Don’t let anybody tell you that there are set paths for you to follow
As a little girl with a passion, is an inspiring woman of tomorrow.
So celebrate all women, and acknowledge the great things they do
And tell a lady close to your heart, just how much she means to you.”

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