50+ Funny Retirement Wishes- Messages, Images, Wishes and Quotes

Retirement can be a time for relaxation, but also a time when you may need to give up your favorite job or make some changes to your daily life. Retirees will often feel nostalgic. People may feel low-spirited and demotivated due to lack of motivation. Do you have a friend who is just retiring and wants to brighten their day with funny retirement wishes? Send them humorous retirement messages. Below are some funny retirement quotes and messages to wish your loved one a happy and enjoyable retirement.

Funny Retirement Wishes.

Many people say that it won’t be as good without them. It will only be worse.

Do you want to retire now? This was the day that you arrived here. It means, when was your last job?

If this were a hellhole, you’d be missed.

Sloths are lazy animals. People who think they are such have likely never met them. Buddy, you were meant for retirement.

Don’t let other people’s loving words fool you; I am the only one in the office who is going to miss you.

Funny Retirement Quotes.

Before I met you I was very excited about retiring. God forbid that I become as miserable as you!

You didn’t have to wait for holidays. You can now live your whole life. Do enjoy it.

Retirement is like graduation, but you will do a masters degree in laziness.

Your past performance shows that you can do absolutely nothing.

For someone who is active every day, retirement can be exciting. Have fun.

Funny Retirement Messages.

Is it the right time to retire if you’re rich and fat? You’ve chosen the right path.

Your boss is now more aware of your work ethic, organizational skills and other weaknesses. Spouses can be the most difficult bosses. Good luck!

It doesn’t matter if your retirement lifestyle is grumpy. It doesn’t matter what you do, people will assume it. It will be possible to cope with it.

Congratulations on your retirement. Now you will be required to work on an interminable task that will take up all your time. It’s called “Doing Nothing”.

To work harder and make more money, you have made sacrifices for your family and friends. These are the things that you need for a happy retirement. This is the irony of life.

No matter how many professional certifications you’ve earned or college degrees you’ve received, there’s still one qualification you can get after you retire: Master Of Doing Nothing. Congratulations.

Bravo, husband! Keep calm and have some fun.

Happy retirement, love! As your boss, I’m available if you feel the need to work.

Funny Retirement Messages F0r Boss.

Now you can go back to your primary occupation and stop bothering me 24 hours per day.

Finally, you are retired and no longer need to work. It will be amazing again!

Thank goodness I have a 24/7 assistant at my home. My lifelong helper, happy retirement!

Happy retirement, husband. I’m happier in retirement that you. You don’t need to give up on my abilities.

You should retire early if you are a lazy man. Congratulations on your leisurely lifestyle.

You are welcome to join the old man club. It’s time for gossip about joint pain, high blood pressure, sugar levels, Et cetera Et cetera.

This is the moment everyone at work will be looking up to you. It is impossible to leave this place.

Ah, retirement! Retirement is all about daydreaming, sleeping until dawn, and all the other things that you love.

You will be jealous that you have a weekend every single day! Have a happy life!

Congratulations on leaving your job and not being fired for missing so many deadlines!

Who said bosses were scary? After seeing you, I believe bosses can be frightening and even terrifying.

My retirement is difficult for me. It’s not because I’m leaving, but because I worry about the future if my next boss is like you.

Have a happy retirement and don’t take your life too seriously For all the years that you worked, everything was easy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to.

To make more money, you have put your health at risk so that your retirement can be happy. Soon you’ll realize how much money you are spending on your health. Congratulations.

Retirement is when the body gets older, the heart desires more and the mind becomes younger. We wish you the best as you try to maintain a healthy elderly body while keeping a youthful mind and a warm heart.

Retirement is the sweet spot in life. To enjoy your life, keep fit and maintain a low blood sugar.

Bravo to lazy-bones for conquering work-life. You can be your authentic self again.

I wish you a happy retirement. But, my old fat body means that I don’t think you will have any fun.

Funny Retirement Quotes For Teachers.

It is possible to believe that every Sunday you have marked Sundays. Enjoy them and smile often. Happy retirement.

Retirement is the best way to see how much effort you have put into being mature. Have fun.

It is interesting to notice that retirement gifts often include a watch or a clock. You can enjoy a time-free retirement.

Retirement will be like a Friday evening. It is pointless because you will feel old every day. Happy retirement.

All these years, you argued with your bosses, juniors, and managers at work. After retirement, you will still be arguing with your spouse, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Your life will be the same.

Now is the time to learn how to retire. It’s so simple that you shouldn’t have any trouble taking over your current job. Have a happy retirement.

Happy retirement! I advise you not to say that you are coming back. You might be surprised at people’s reactions. No one will return your parking spot or your office. That much is not possible.

Your retirement has always been more exciting than mine.

We will miss your boss, except for the shouting, glowering, and simply showing up to work.

You don’t need to be bossy about us any more. Now you can do the same with your grandchildren or pets. Bossing is in your blood.

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